Juniors lose but the P-Train keeps moving…

It has been a tough go so far for our Juniors at the World Cup but they are hanging in there. Kelly McKerihen started with two wins but has slipped to 2-3 with loses to HK China and Malaysia. In Men’s action Jonathan Pituley still looking for his first win, had a hard fought game but came out on the losing end of lost to Guernsey 5-11, 8-4 0-5 in a tie break. Jonny has 1 game today as he will take on Japan.

In the Senior action the Pershick Train keeps moving along as he defeated Singapore 9-10, 10-6 6-0. That moves Geoff to first place overall in the section with 4 wins and 0 losses. Mary Wright came off her win and had to face the #2 player in the World in Val Smith. After losing the first set 12-1 Wright came back and slammed Smith 11-5 and headed to the tie break. In a close fought battle that say a series of single points, Wright came out with a close 2-1 defeat. Next up for Wright will be Spain.

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