WIBC First Day Complete…

The WIBC has started completed its first day of competition. The Canadian representatives for this tournament are Laila Hassan and Kevin Jones.

In Women’s action Laila started off against Jersey and lost in straight sets 8-3, 9-3. In her second game of the day it was Scotland who was on the list. Having played a great game Canada would lose in a tie-break 7-2, 4-5, 2-1.

Men’s action had Kevin Jones playing in the 3rd draw of the day against Scotland. Kevin played a good first game but lost in straight sets 7-4, 10-4. In his second game of the day Kevin game out gunning against England winning the first set 5-4, only to drop the second 7-4 and lose in a close tie break 2-1.

A better result would be had in the late game as the two Canadians would team up to beat the Netherlands 5-7, 6-5 2-1 in a tiebreak.

Keep going you guys and best of luck in your next games.

Full Results:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AmASnRx6ZAWYdGlCcm81T2w0ejZhQzV6LTJsQjd5MVE&gid=0

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