Is Colour The Answer…

In the sport of bowls we use to see one major colour of bowl, black. Everyone used black bowls and there was no real significant difference from your bowl to the your competitors bowl, other then a little symbol. For a couple years now we have seen a major explosion into the development of coloured bowls, but is this the answer that will help create more players in the game of Lawn Bowls?

When you look at a sport like golf, they haven’t changed the colour of their golf balls in years, all the pros still use white. Kinda funny when you think of it, we wear white and use colour bowls. Could you imagine the PGA players heading out to play a championship using yellow golf balls and wearing all white? Would look kinda funny wouldn’t it? Seems to me that golf’s numbers have continued to grow.

So when you think of the game of bowls, there has to be more to getting players on the green, then just changing the colour of the tools we use. Changing the ways in the clubhouse would probably be a better answer then searching for it on the greens. A quick fix like coloured bowls, or even trying to add speckles won’t make the difference until the players as a whole stand together and make the change from within. If everyone can go out and “Just Add One” our sport will double, market the game as players and stand together for a sport that we all love.

Something to think about.

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