Berg & Caldwell Canadian Champions….

To finish off a great week of bowls the Under 25 Canadian Championships wrapped up the week in Kelowna BC. Some of the best bowls were saved for the weekend as competitors came from all across Canada to participate in this yearly event.

In the gold medal match, Amanda Berg (the new face of bowls in Canada) defeated Lindsay LeFresne in two straight sets (13-4,10-5) to become the 2012 World Junior Cup Champion. Amanda went undefeated throughout the event. Jaymee Sidel (British Columbia) won the bronze medal.

On the Men’s side In the gold medal match, Jesse Caldwell defeated Michael Pituley in two sets (10-5,7-7). In the bronze medal match, after both of the first two sets ended in a tie, Nova Scotia’s Cameron LeFresne beat Saskatchewan’s Grant Wilkie in a 3-end tie-breaker set (8-8,10-10,5-1) to claim the bronze medal.

Gold: Jesse Caldwell (Ontario)
Silver: Michael Pituley (Saskatchewan)
Bronze: Cameron LeFresne (Nova Scotia)

Gold: Amanda Berg (Alberta)
Silver: Lindsay LeFresne (Nova Scotia)
Bronze: Jaymee Sidel (British Columbia)

Congratulations to all competitors and safe travels back home. Great job everyone as you helped promote the sport with skill, great friendship and sportsmanship.

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