Bowls and Sports Betting Online….

Taking into consideration all the sports that are the most watched, played and merchandise sold, it could be easy to see why the most popular sports include online sports betting. Could it be that lawn bowls has such a minimal audience to do lack of coverage and the ability to place a wager on your favorite player or team? Could this make the sport move forward and attract the audience it has been looking for. Australia and the UK have the most players in the game of bowls today and you can make a wager on games! Even we are betting on the games if you think about it – still takes $1 to get in the draw. Or that $10 to play three 10 end games. Think if we allowed other people to see it and bet on it, might help?

In the sports betting world the hierarchy goes as follows. NFL Football, College Football, NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball, Horse Racing, NHL, UFC. Is there a correlation here knowing that the most popular sports are being bet on frantically to give the audience a more engaged experience. Is this giving the fans something other than just painting their face and screaming at the players on the field or through the TV. I am not saying this is the case, but definitely something to think about.

How can the game get better if all we do is make movies about how old guys play lawn bowls and how it takes a quirky non-athlete to win. I mean I liked BlackBall don’t get me wrong – but did that movie help promote the sport and move us in the right direction? Maybe it would be better to focus on triumphs and the passion part of the game that keeps people coming back to play.

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