Happy Birthday Freddy – 96 Today

What an amazing man that comes on out and plays bowls 4 times a week in the draw. Always there on time and walking up and down the green, his speed has slowed down but not the bowls. Fred Barker turned 96 today and still can fill you in on whats going on in the world and lets you know who is winning and by how much. It’s always awesome to see Freddy out on the greens and his bowls are never far, still being one of the best leads in the game.

Most recently West Van LBC hosted the Bank of Montreal Charity event as we had members come on out and give the game a shot, at the same time raising money for a great charity – Kids Help Phone. There were a limited amount of members that showed up to help for the day, but Freddy was there, charming the girls and helping out coaching.

BMO sent this over today;

We enjoyed Fred sitting on the side lines on Saturday cheering on the games. When I suggested that we should buy him a burger and beer, people were over like a shot. I can’t tell you how much fun we all had and Fred absolutely added to the great times had by all. We appreciated his humor (there was lots to laugh at) and coaching (he may want to consider a professional career before he gets too old).

Many will say that this sport is for those over 80 but we have all determined that it’s a sport for fun people who want to enjoy a sunny day out with great friends. Fred is a great ambassador for the sport so keep it up Fred.

People complaining about the game, rules, what should be done and who isn’t doing what. When the answer is as simple as Fred made it seem. Just get out on the greens and help where you can, show people that its a great game for everyone and more people should be playing and have some fun.

Happy Birthday Freddy.

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