2012 World Bowls Recap…

After an exciting couple of weeks bowls the 2012 World Championships have come to a close. All the bowlers are on their way home to continue on with everyday life. This was a fantastic event that was well put on by the Australian clubs of Lockeyley’s Bowling Club and Holdfast Bay Bowls & Croquet Club. Congratulations to the Volunteer teams that made this all a success. Years of preparation has paid off and their has been nothing but compliments that have flown in from all the players from around the World.


MEN’S SINGLES: It was Leif Selby (AUS) that did the unthinkable and ran the table at 13-0 the first man since David Bryant at a Worlds to go undefeated, who won a hard fought match over Canada’s Ryan Bester 21-19. The Bronze medals were shared by Gerry Baker (RSA) and Shannon McIlroy (NZ)

LAIDES SINGLES: Was a renewed rivalry as these two women have played each other many times in finals as Karen Murphy (AUS) defeated Val Smith (NZ) in the Gold Medal Match. The women’s Bronze was shared by Canada’s own Kelly Mckerihen and Natalie Melmore (ENG).

Gold: Alex Marshall / Paul Foster (SCO)
Silver: Aron Sheriff /Leif Selby (AUS)
Bronze: Ryan Bester / John Bezear (CAN) and Graham Shadwell / Jamie Chestney.

Gold: KelseyCotrell / Rebecca Quail (AUS)
Silver: Val Smith / Jo Edwards
Bronze: Johnston / Latham (SCO) and Witheridge / Knight (PHI)

GOLD: Graeme Archer / Darren Burnett / David Peacock (SCO)
SILVER: Mark Casey / Brett Wilkie / Wayne Ruediger (AUS)
BRONZE: Neil Booth / James Talbot / Paul Daly (IRL) and Ali Forsyth / Matt Gallop / Tony Grantham (NZ)

GOLD: Karen Murphy / Lynsey Armitage / Natasha Van Eldik (AUS)
SILVER: Mandy Boyd / Jan Khan / Lisa White (NZ)
BRONZE: Lynn Stein / Caroline Brown / Michelle Cooper (SCO)  and Kathy Pearce / Caroline Taylor/ Lisa Forey (WAL)

GOLD: Aron Sherriff / Mark Casey / Brett Wilkie / Wayne Ruediger (AUS)
SILVER: Gidion Vermuelen / Bobby Donnelly / Clinton Roets / Pierre Breitenbach (RSA)
BRONZE: Neil Booth / Ian McClure / James Talbot / Paul Daly (IRL) and Alex Marshall / Graeme Archer / Darren Burnett / David Peacock, Scotland

GOLD: Margaret Letham / Caroline Brown / Lynn Stein / Michelle Cooper (SCO)
SILVER: A. Kamis /  N. Mohd Noor / Z. Khalid, A. Arshad (MAL)
BRONZE: Colleen Piketh / Susan Nel / Susanna Steyn / Esme Steyn (RSA) and Anwen Butten / Kathy Pearce / Hannah Smith / Lisa Forey (WAL)

Congratulations to all the competitors for representing their countries proudly. Was a great tournament played by everyone and once again thank you to all the volunteers that made the Championships a success.


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