Preparation Continues For Canadians…

This years Canadian Championships will be held at North & West Vancouver Lawn Bowling Clubs and the preparation has begun months ago. Teams and Committees have been put in place to make the tournament one of the most successful on record. Partnerships have been formed with local businesses to enhance the overall experience for not only the players but spectators as well.

Howe Sound Brewery will be a major sponsor to ensure that all the spectators are fully satisfied. Popeye’s Supplements will be on hand to make sure everyone has their protein.

Players will be staying at the Holiday and Friday night banquet that will be held at the Delta Casino. Tickets are on sale now for the week as there are daily ticket for $2.00 and weekly passes for $10.00. Championship Saturday will see the Women’s Gold Medal games starting at 10:00am and the Men’s taking the greens at 2:00pm.

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