78th Leyland Cup

The 78th Annual Leyland Cup was played this weekend at North Van LBC. This was the first leg of the Men’s North Shore battle that see’s North Van LBC vs West Van LBC. Triples is played with points for wins and also shots.

After the first leg West Van is up taking 4 of the possible 8 wins. North Van has 3 wins and the Clubs had 1 tie. The points are now West Van: 13 points /131 shots – North Van: 10 points /115 shots.

A special thanks to Don Fraser who stepped in to play and also to Keith Goddard who was ready to roll in case we needed him.

There was some great support from both clubs at West Van for the first leg so we are hoping to have even more for the final stage. Feel free to come down to the West Van LBC July 2nd and support the troops as the Team tries to bring home the Leyland Cup. Thanks again to everyone that came to NVLBC to cheer on the Team.

West Van – Leyland Cup Team
John Copping, Don Parker and Howie Chapman
Geoff Pershick, Byron Woodliffe and Graham Thomas
Tony Boyd, Trent Appelbe and Don McGregor
John Lucas, Nevile Cohen and Brian Jeon
Werner Fladl, Stephen Lampman and Jack Wright
Tim Mason, Hamish Watt and Don Fraser
Roger Horn, Jim Duholke and Gary Brisebois
Derek Seddon, Don Beck and Bob Everett

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