How Do You Train In Your Off Season

So for most of us we aren’t lucky enough to play bowls 12 months a year, but I am sure there are also parts of the season that you ramp up for, major competitions, Nationals or International tournaments. Are you doing any fitness exercises based for bowls? Or are you simply going into the gym and just throwing around some weights, hit the cardio machine and get out of the gym? Same would go for the outside adventurers?

I am not sure how many people had a chance to look at the program that was designed specifically for bowls (Fitness Program Tab Right) – some may be using it some may not. If not then hopefully people have worked with a trainer to understand the best movements for their body or did some research on the internet. As we know everyone is built a little differently. But understanding the movements around bowls is important and what muscles are so important to the sport of bowls.

If you aren’t training specifically for bowls and are a highly competitive player ask yourself why not? All other sports have specific training routines designed to enhance their ability in their sport. So why does a major percentage of the players in bowls follow their own path. Might be just another example of the game of bowls – everyone moving in their own direction. If we want the sport to be taken serious this is just one tiny part that needs to be improved by all players.

Whatever your inspiration is – find it!!

“This weight room has trained International Medalists, National, World & Olympic Champions. Do not disgrace their efforts by giving less than a 100%”

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