Bowls Day In Canada was an initiative that started in 2012 to get people out on the greens to participate in the Sport of Lawn Bowling. The goal of this it to help grow and celebrate Nationally, the Sport of Lawn Bowls. This can also help focus on grassroots programs, right up to high-performance levels across communities around the Country. The main thing is to build awareness and celebrate the important role our Sport plays throughout Canada.

Some ways people have celebrated the day in the past is through Charity Events, Club functions, Recreational Bowls and Community Open Houses. It’s a fantastic day to show off you Club and what the Sport has to offer, both on and off the greens. The day is usually celebrated at the end of July.

Provinces from across the Country continue to support the day and send through information about their events along with pictures or how they are trying to get people out on the greens to participate in the great sport of Lawn Bowls. For more information about the day please email


Everybody can play the game of Lawn Bowls!  It is a low impact game that is extremely accessible and great for any age. One of the best parts about the sport is that anyone can play no matter their skill level. You don’t have to be able to jump high or run fast to enjoy the sport. It is all hand eye coordination and allows everyone to start at the same level.  Local clubs have all the equipment required to get you started.

Many corporations are accessing their local lawn bowls clubs to host corporate social events and team building sessions as the game is very quickly picked up.  Bowls charity functions are also increasing in popularity.  Designed to get people out on the green enjoying the sunshine, they are a unique way to raise money for your favourite charity.