The iLawn Bowl program is designed to introduce the sport of bowls to High School, Elementary students and people with Disabilities. By bringing specially designed lawn bowling equipment to each schools gym facilities, we can reach children who would otherwise not have access to try the Sport of Lawn Bowling.

We understand that it is difficult to arrange transportation to head off school grounds. What we do is bring everything to the kids – no field trip or school buses required! Bowls is a highly social sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime by children of all ages and abilities. It promotes sportsmanship and camaraderie, and is an inexpensive and safe alternative to many other sports.

WHAT WE WANT TO ACHIEVEilawnbowlnewage

To share the Sport of Lawn Bowling with the younger generations and bring a new sport to the schools that is low impact and anyone can play. The benefit to this is that not many people have played so everyone starts on the same stage making this an easy activity for anyone who try’s out the Sport.

Benefits of Lawn Bowling

*Health and Fitness
*Learning a new activity
*Applying information and using it


We have partnered with New Age Bowls which allows us to come in to your gym or facility to introduce the Sport of Lawn Bowling. We don’t make it a seminar or stand over the kids to tell them what they are doing wrong, its just the opposite. Different skills are taught through new games, fun activities and of course some exercise for them to get their heart beating.

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LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAM: iLawnBowl School Program Pamphlet



A big part of this is Community Involvement, sharing something that has been in the community for years and its a shame that people don’t utilize the Sport for more things. With this program we know that people will be educated on the Sport of Lawn Bowling. Maybe they won’t join a club or become Champions right away, but what it will do is educate people on something they had no idea about. If we can share now and help people understand what the Sport has to offer, then down the road the words and Sport of Lawn Bowling won’t be so foreign.

You Never Know What You Are Good At Until You Give It A Try!