Curling and Bowls – Yes we can!!!

Two sports that speak the same language – line, weight, guard and draw. Two sports that desperately need to get new members to grow. Two sports that all end in the same type of conversations – over drinks with smiles and laughter. Today confirmed it – The SanMan and I went to throw rocks at Royal City curling club, at first we felt a bit shy but of course the athlete instinct takes over and it becomes a challenge and something you have to become good at. Stevie and I threw rocks, chatted about how similiar it was and why we waited till March (end of season) to get out there.

The best part about the day – The BC womens Sr. Champs – Linda, Kerri, Rita and Kathy (although I think they are faking their age – U 18 ladies?). They made you feel welcome, one in the same, a part of their club and sport. How a few people can make your day and experience that much better. To them I thank you for doing that and making our day an enjoyable one. As we all know it takes a few bad apples to ruin an experience and turn you off a sport for good. The girls just finished practicing for the Nationals and took time to chat and share a couple stories. We found out how similar the sports are on and off the green/ice. Girls  good luck at the Nationals and know you have a few more fans routing for you. Go get that title!!!

 You can follow them here –

 A big thanks to Coach Burton – point the foot out and dialed in the button all day long!!!

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