Santana Still Fighting Takes Out Wiz…

It was another long day out on the greens today as Stevie Santana (#4) took on Japan, Israel and Australia. After a tough day on the greens yesterday a determined Canadian player would emerge with 2 wins on the day. Japan 7-6, 9-9 win followed by a loss to Israel 2-16, 7-7 and a big win against Brett Wilkie of Australia, known as Wiz to his mates 4-10, 10-4 4-1 in a tie-break. Stevie sent an email this morning “Still fighting away in Cyrpus. An excellent game with a world class player“.

There is one game left in the draw as Stevie will take on Matt Le Ber from Guernsey tomorrow morning. Good luck from all of us back here in Canada.

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