Why I Love This Game!

When I first started playing this game at the age of 13, I had no idea the opportunities that existed.  I just figured it was a good way to get my mom off my back for a few weeks!  Now here I am 13 years later, leaving tomorrow for Australia for what will be my 8th time representing Canada at an international tournament.  Let me tell you that there is no greater feeling of pride in the world than being able to step on the green wearing the maple leaf representing the best country on the planet!  That is one reason I love this game.

Believe it or not though, thats not the most important reason I love this game.  My greatest love for the game comes from the people that play it!  Never in my life have I met such a close knit community through sport.  Whether its the local jitney, the weekend tournaments, national championships or the Commonwealth Games; the people are what keep me coming back.

Don’t believe me…ask any bowler and they could share with you a thousand stories of afternoons and evenings spent around the bowling green with the people they would likely never have known if it wasn’t for this game.  My best friends have been met through this game and likely, so will yours!  Thats why I love this game!


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