Aussies come out swinging!!!

Australia has flexed its muscles on the opening morning of the XXXII Trans Tasman in Bundaberg with both its men and women claiming 2-1 test victories.

While world number two Leif Selby was pipped by Kiwi nemesis Ali Forsyth in a tie-breaker, there were no such problems in the pairs and triples with Aron Sherriff and Mark Jacobsen skipping the host nation to two comfortable wins.

In the women’s series, world number three Kelsey Cottrell edged out the game’s top-ranked female player, Val Smith, while Lynsey Armitage and Natasha Van Eldik continued their new partnership with a tie-break win.

On the show rink, however, Genevieve Baildon, Dale Lang and Karen Coombe provided some consolation for the Kiwis with a narrow win.

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